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Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR)

Aka: Masada, Adaptive Combat Rifle, Bushmaster ACR,

Remington ACR, Remington Adaptive Combat Rifle

* Bushmaster sells the civilian models, Remington will handle the military version

Bushmaster ACR product page

Remington ACR Military product page


Bushmaster ACR

Magpul Industries – small Masada mention and picture


ACR vs SCAR vs XCR - Comparison chart

Original Press Release announcing Bushmaster / Magpul venture

Magpul / Bushmaster / Remington ACR overview – (combatrifle.net)

Bushmaster Rep addressing questions (ar15.com) – with extensive negative
customer reactions to product announcement

Bushmaster section of ar15.com – ACR news

Firearmblog.com comments on ACR release


Remington ACR promotional video for Military customers

Magpul product demo – post Bushmaster announcement – no shooting (pt 1)

Magpul product demo – post Bushmaster announcement – no shooting (pt 2)

Bushmaster ACR 120 rds full-auto magazine dumps – impressive shooting

ACR Magpul submersion tests – semi and full auto test. Interesting video

Massada prototype – full auto test

Massada - 60rd mag dump – laboratory test only

Friends test firing ACR at range – not a great video, but here ya go anyway

Magpul Masada full-automatic function test at range

Magpul Masada Shot Show 2008 booth demo

Hitler Reaction to ACR Pricing Announcement - Funniest thing I've seen in Years!!


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Robinson Arms Sues Remington / Bushmaster ACR for Patent Infringement - Copy of Legal Paperwork

ARC announcement comments- Jan 2010 (thefirearmblog.com)

Magpul Massoud 7.62 x 51 Prototype (video test footage)

Forum Threads

ACR vs FN SCAR - discussion at ar15.com

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